Ahold chooses TryLikes to measure real-time customer feedback

Apps, surveys, emails, it just takes too much time. Customers love to share feedback as long as it’s quick, anonymous and simple.

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ZAANDAM – Albert Heijn places measuring stations in hundreds of stores in order to measure customer satisfaction.

The measuring stations are being provided by the Dutch start-up TryLikes. The rating systems on the floor ask customers just one question and ask them to choose the thumbs-up or thumbs-down option. Janneke van den Heuvel of TryLikes: ‘This is what people are used to doing on Facebook, meaning that this method of giving feedback feels familiar and is low threshold”. The company already supplies measuring stations to other large store chains such as Jumbo, McDonald’s, Media Markt, Ikea and Intersport.

Improve service faster

According to TryLikes, introducing the measure stations means that store managers will be able to improve their service much faster than usual. The first stations will be placed Albert Heijn stores these next couple of months. The system is then supposed to rotate between stores meaning that three or four measuring stations, each with a set of ten different questions, will pop up in different locations across the country.

Useful information

In order to analyze data quickly, TryLikes has developed a so-called real-time player. ‘This way of questioning and analyzing data means that, all of a sudden, companies like Albert Heijn have an enormous amount of meaningful data’ says van den Heuvel. ‘If, on a Friday afternoon, there is a huge amount of dislikes at a certain cash register, it means that the store manager can, for example, adjust who works when. In the store, or perhaps the staff canteen, employees can see real-time what customers think of the service. Furthermore, we can predict trends. For example, if the collected data shows that, around 4PM, a relatively large numbers of customers rate the fruit and vegetable area as ‘average’ for three consecutive weeks, the system will anticipate this and prompt to tidy this area around 3PM.

High conversion

Two years ago, TryLikes launched a pilot in an Albert Heijn store in Katwijk. Measuring stations were placed in 16 locationsn in the store, asking questions about the speed of employees, the level of service, lay-out of various shelves, supply and freshness of the stock. According van den Heuvel: ‘Normally, there were 10 to 20 people a month who offered feedback on these subjects, now – with our system – we garnered 10.000 votes over the same period of time.

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