Albron Case Study

Guests answer specific questions about the assortment in the restaurant on a daily basis. The results were a resason to make changes in the variety offered.

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Lia de Geest - Catering Manager

”We gain daily insights into the satisfaction about the variety and the service we provide. It’s great that we can change questions quickly. With specific questions about the variety, we can quickly gain insight into what our guests are enthusiastic about, or, less enthusiastic about.”

Where we measured

Silke Roelofsen, Concept Coordinator at Albron. has installed the buttons at their client UWV Amsterdam and at Albron's head office. The goal of the measurements: to gain insight into the daily satisfaction with the services provided in order to ultimately be able to improve them.

What the customer loves

  • Versatile use of questions
  • Use of insights on an operational level
  • Close working relationship between the catering managers and the TryLikes support team

Questions asked

TryLikes questions asked throughout the Customer Journey

  • How do you feel about the price/quality of our warm meals? Warm meals
  • How is our offering of sandwiches today? Sandwiches
  • How was your restaurant visit? Exit


  • eight questions asked regarding specific KPI's
  • high index scores on service improvements on variety of products due to insights
  • happy employees after small changes


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