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Yvonne Rommers - General Manager

“The involvement of the TryLikes team not only provided us with useful insights, but also allowed us to integrate the feedback system into our daily activities. We’re really happy to be able to take a proactive approach towards our employees on a daily basis in order to make our visitors smile!”

What the customer requested

Carmen and Yvonne were looking for a solution to gain daily insight into visitor satisfaction. Their goal as a team was to bring a smile to each visitors face, however this was only possible with continuous measuring of satisfaction and knowing when to make adjustments. Not only did they expect immediate feedback from the toilets, they also wanted to create more awareness among employees about the impact that they have on thcustomer experience.

What the customer loves

  • Insights at any time of the day
  • Push notifications that keep employees focused all day
  • The ability to collaborate with new features in the app

Questions asked

TryLikes questions asked throughout the Customer Journey

  • Overall experience Exit
  • Team service Locker Room
  • Toilet visit Toilets


  • Obvious trends to clean toilets better
  • Super high TyrLikes index score
  • Great tool to give our teams compliments!


Integrate with existing company data

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