McDonald's Case Study

A spike in the likes during certain hours has lead to a friendly internal competition and showed a 10% increase in revenues.

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Edwin Ooms – Franchiser

“A system that really reflects this day and age. Customers can leave their opinion easily and quickly whether it’s about our service, the cleaning of toilets or the quality of their visit. Based on the data, our employees can compliment each other or get to work to improve things.”

Where we measured

Edwin Ooms is the proud owner of several McDonald’s restaurants. Among them is the branch in Delft Noord, the busiest McDonald’s in the Netherlands. Edwin wanted to gain insights into various parts of his business and was open to the idea of measuring real-time feedback from his guests.


  • Huge amount of votes
  • Results created an internal competition amongst the employees
  • Trends able to discover after a weeks

Questions asked

TryLikes questions asked throughout the Customer Journey

  • Did we serve you with a smile? REGISTERS
  • Is the toilet clean? ALL TOILETS
  • Did we help you fast enough? MCDRIVE
  • Was dinner nice? EXIT

Response rate

  • Average response rate 36%
  • Response rate McDrive 86%


Integrate with your
existing company data

API; TryLikes gives the opportunity to integrate the data with existing company data such as footfall, planning & transactions.

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