Sodexo Case Study

A study to gain insight into the experiences of customer UWV Utrecht when it comes to cleanliness and catering

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Floor van den Heuvel - General Services Manager

“We gain a lot more insights than just a thumbs-up or a thumbs down. The specific buttons let us take immediate action when needed – it’s a fantastic tool for operational use!”


Where we measured

Sodexo installed the buttons for their customer UWV in Utrecht. The goal is to monitor and increase customer satisfaction on location with regard to facility services.

What the customer loved

  • A simple and clear display of insights
  • Data that shows the customer when extra cleaning services are needed
  • A continuous evaluation of the facility services

Questions asked

TryLikes questions asked throughout the Customer Journey

  • Clean workspace today? Workspace
  • How is the quality of the food? Restaurant
  • Good coffee? Coffee machine
  • How was your toilet visit? Toilet

  • Clear insights on when to clean toilets
  • Push notifications to cleaning staff
  • Improvements in cleaning schedule and higher index score


Use at events

In addition to the continuous measurement at UWV Utrecht, Sodexo now also uses the buttons during various events. During the Facility Matters Event the buttons were used to measure the experience of the guests.

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