Start with the most important group: your employees

Apps, surveys, emails, it just takes too much time. Customers love to share feedback as long as it’s quick, anonymous and simple.

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Engaged employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.

We all know a friendly and cheerful employee makes a much better impression on our customers and probably will sell a lot more services and/or products. But how do we help our colleagues to feel engaged and challenged at work? For starters we need to know how they feel…

Gen Z joins the workforce

I guess the shocking statistic that only 30% of the employees is engaged at work is no news to you. We’ve been reading and discussing Millennials and their approach towards their jobs a lot, as well as the companies they work for and the way they see the world. Times are moving fast, as now Gen Z is joining the workforce. Both generations feel strongly that they want to make a difference and add direct value – strong feelings that they might not completely understand yet.

Both generations also have big concerns regarding their financial situation. Gen Z, as the post 9/11 generation, perhaps even more so than millenials. They have high standards and look at the first steps in their career as a stepping stone. They move fast and they are likely to switch to another position and/or company many times in the years to come.

The generation gap

In most companies you’ll have Gen X, Millenials and Z all working together. Clearly, there’s a gap in communication, behaviour and mentality. It’s becoming increasingly challenging for companies & HR departments to keep track of happiness and engagement on the workfloor. Knowing how people feel, not just periodically but constantly, is more important than ever.

Measure moods in real-time

We believe it’s important to measure the mood of all employees in real-time. A Monday morning is totally different from a Thursday afternoon. A week in June has a completely different vibe to a November week. Measure in real-time, all the time. Make it easy, fun and anonymous to get a fair share of honest feedback. And use those insights to start meaningful conversations and interventions.

Not your silver-bullet-solution

Measuring real-time feedback with our offline emoji buttons is not an answer to all your questions. It will not solve the generation gap issues. You won’t be able engage your employees more by measuring.  However, it will give you clear insights, trends and predictions about how teams, managers and employees feel. How they enter the office in the morning, how they feel during days and weeks and how they head home in the evening.

Engagement and facilities

You can measure any subject you like, regarding feelings and emotions, health, engagement and office facilities. By asking the right question with emoji’s or icons that fit that KPI you can gather relevant and meaningful insights. In order to create happy customers, you have to start knowing how your most important group feels.

Because we all know; happy employees make the customer experience. Disengaged employees break it.

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