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What about children and employees voting?

If we see ‘playful’ behaviour in the data, we can filter this in our backend and show it as one vote. TryLikes works with power press protection; if you press multiple times, the vote will be registered as one vote thanks to a delay of 5 seconds (default). We can always change this to a number of seconds that fit the question and/or location of the buttons. Onboarding teams and employees the right way will give them “ownership” of the system, resulting in social control.

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One question is too simple - why shouldn't I use a tablet and ask multiple questions?

Customers are not in your store to provide you with their feedback and opinions. They are there to enjoy your store, hotel, gym, event or service. Employees in turn are busy working to deliver the best they can. A quick opinion about a certain experience will be the maximum effort most people want to put in. By dividing your questions and placing them in the right location, you will be addressing the ‘experiencing me’ instead of the ‘remembering me’ and get more honest and accurate feedback. By asking specific questions you will be able to tackle problems straight away and get the right insights regarding perception and emotions. A tablet will result in 10x less answers because people are afraid they’ll be ‘tricked’ into more questions and will have to leave their contact details. A test showed 3000 votes on our measuring station with one question versus 70 votes on a tablet with same question, even though both devices were given the same look and feel and placed in the same spot in the store!

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How can I see the data?

Our buttons upload the data to the online dashboard – to your mobile app – in real-time. The dashboard is visible for anyone with a login. The store manager or team members can decide on what device they would like to see the data. We also send reports by email at a time that suits the team best.

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Can I show the data on (TV) screens?

Yes! You can use TryLikes Popcorn. With this solution you show the data on TV-screens via the narrowcasting system. For example, we can show the data of the same day last week compared to real-time results today. This gives all employees direct insights and makes sure that insights are turned into action! You can also show results to consumers and be completely transparent. 

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Can I choose what specific data information is accessible to specific employee divisions?

The login can be authorized on several levels. A district manager can see the data of their district only, the store manager of their specific store (although we advise to show results of the other stores to keep the positive competition going) and management can see all data. We will send reports that fit the needs of the various roles. You can easily compare results of stores and departments.

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How easy it it to change questions?

TryLikes uses reusable stickers without glue. That means you can change questions as many time as you like. You can adjust questions easily in your dashboard. You can order standard stickers or make custom design stickers that fit with your corporate identity and style guide. We don’t work with a digital screen as we have seen that it results in feedback dropping dramatically (ten times or more). Consumers are afraid they will have to fill in multiple questions and leave their contact details and therefore ignore the screen.

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What kind of IT infrastructure or installation specifications do I need?

TryLikes is a stand-alone solution. Just plug the access point into a power outlet and ethernet cable and stick the buttons on what you want and where you want. We love to keep it as simple as possible.

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Is it easy for me to move buttons?

Our buttons can be attached to walls/mirrors with a firm tape on the back of the button that is removable, but also hufter-proof. If you fix your buttons to your POS materials, you can easily move buttons throughout your location.

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Who owns the data?

We both do. TryLikes can only use the data to create an anonymous benchmark. This actually works in your benefit, as we will share the overall b(r)enchmark data with you as well. This way, you can see how well your location or company is doing. We will never share your data with third parties and your online dashboard is protected with login credentials.

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Why should I ask a question during the experience?

Are you familiar with the study of the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Daniel  Kahneman; ‘the Experiencing me vs. the Remembering me’? As Dr. Daniel Kahneman explains, we have our experience and our memory of it. If we remove ourselves from the actual experience, it changes our memory of it. So asking questions during – or as close as possible to – the experience, will give you the most honest feedback.

There’s an example of someone who had a Q&A session after one Daniel Kahnemans lectures – he said he’d been listening to a symphony, and it was absolutely glorious music. However at the very end of the recording, there was a dreadful screeching sound. He said, really quite emotionally, that it ruined the whole experience. However, it hadn’t. What it had in fact ruined were the memories of the experience. He had had the experience and listened to 20 minutes of glorious music. These minutes though counted for nothing as he was left with a memory: the memory that was ruined and the memory that was all that he had gotten to keep.

Click here to see Daniel Kahneman speak at Ted2010.

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Why shouldn’t I measure the real-time customer and/or employee experience?

We honestly have NO idea! Like we always say: stop guessing, start measuring!

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