Our products

Perception data

Our IoT feedback buttons provide real-time insights on how employees and/ or visitors feel about their experiences. 


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We measure specific KPI’s via the various sensors within our TryLikes platform, that will add relevant metrics to the perception data.

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Smart Real Estate

Making building smart by gathering environmental data to optimize visitor and employee happiness. Facility management on steroids.

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The problems we solve

Keep it simple and relevant 

Gathering data is not the challenge. What will you do with the insights? is. How do we interpret the data and why do we measure a specific KPI? We help companies to measure relevant metrics and give them a smooth UI to optimize conversions. 

How do we solve your problem?


TryLikes has custom programs in several areas to help you optimize and create the ultimate customer experience and workspace. 

Employee Engagement
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Customer Experience
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Operational Excellence
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The TryLikes Buttons,
as simple as that.

Case studies

Start with the most important group – your employees!

Another day, another way. Measure continuously how your employees feel.

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Clear icons, clear insights 

Due to specific icons you’ll know directly how to act and improve. 

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